Winner of Maryland’s Prince George’s County STEM Science Fair!!! Congratulations Gordon!!! We contributed a beautiful plaque and two tickets to 6Flags America in Maryland. Great job Gordon!

 “Gordon is smart, lovable honor student at Rosaryville Elementary School who loves math, science, and technology. He has not always had it easy when it comes to academics due the fact it takes him a longer time frame to complete assignments and he has to work extra hard to understand language. However, he has learned to persevere.
This year he chose to complete this project in the Behavioral and Social Science Category because he likes to play games and he wanted to learn about how people focus. He mostly enjoyed learning about the different parts of the brain which he researched at the library. With the help of the 4th grade Science teacher Ms. Bartlow (he’s in fifth grade) and his parents, he was able enter a winning project into this year’s county fair! We are so proud of him.
Thank you for honoring our child with this special award. He is so excited and appreciative.”   – T. Mathews, Mom

Maryland’s Prince George’s County STEM Science Fair!!!

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